Once Upon a time....

7:59 AM

...there was a little girl. It was actually 11th of June , when she came in to this wonderfull world. .... And today she turned 16 :)
YAY!!! Yes it is MY BIRTHDAY !!! :) I am really happy :) Well it kinda sucks tat I have a b-day on Monday and not through the weekend (as usually) but I am enjoying it anyways.
I had a little party with my parents and my sister yesterday and there are a few pics :)

So as you can see....I got a B-day cake (almost the same as I wished, but tastier) and one really unexpectible gift. A PHONE! :) it is Samsung GALAXY mini. I really wasn´t expecting this. I was saying to my parents that they don´t have to give me any presents at real and that i LOVE my old cool phone :) I was sure that I loved my old phone but now when I have this one I feel like we will be friends :D
I am having a little party with my BFFs this weekend so keep tuned for those pics :) Byeeeeee

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