So they Knew, What they were talking about

I had been having so much trouble with my skin lately. The weather has changed, I traveled to little different climate, the airplane is not a big help and yes I haven' t  been the best at hydrating myself. I had redness, spots, accidental scabs where I over waxed and took bits of skin off with the hair and dry patches. Does not sound good I know.

I have made a big change though. It is two or three weeks since I changed my diet to a lot of fruits, vegetables, no fry food or junk food. A lot less sugar, no alcohol and kept myself hydrated. I actually carry a tumblr cup with water around to make sure I always drink. Also my skincare routine has changed. Well not changed, I just actually created one. Was about time, ay?

And I realized  or have to admit rather, that all the stuff people talk about, you know keeping hydrated, washing your face, moisturizer etc, ALL TRUE.

My diet is healthy and balanced. Hydrating myself. I use these GARNIER face creams for day and night. I make sure to take my make-up off at night, no matter how tired I am. Wash the face with cold water every morning and night. Oh and I have this lovely  serum from MARCELLE that was in my birchbox. It is to be used underneath my makeup and it actually made my skin softer.
It has only been about two weeks that I religiously followed these steps and I really see the difference.

I have pretty much scared myself few weeks back when I took a picture of my skin - all natural- for my friend, trying to show her something. Such a skin discoloration, dryness and spots. I also suffer from psoriasis which means I need to keep extra moisturized.
Seeing the difference now makes me pretty happy. It wasn' t that long yet, so imagine what difference I will see in about a month. I can' t wait haha.
Now there are still imperfections, plus this photo is a iPhone picture, but ay. Gotta love yourself. x

What is your skincare routine? Have you been struggling with a start up of regiment or you always been a good girl, taking care of yourself?

Let me know and until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.

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