Sky High and Drunk?

Being high, like up high, on top of a building, and having a drink with one of your bezzies somewhere as nice as Budapest , should be on everyone's bucket list  for this summer. And I am making it hella easy for you, as I will share the best place to do so.
High Note Sky Bar on top of Aria hotel in Budapest has definitely the best view. Yes you might be able to get higher then this and see the whole city, but sitting with a cocktail seeing the St.Istvan Bazilika right next to you, sunset on the other side and gorgeous rooftops all around? Come on. You can not beat that. I actually remember sitting there with a poppy seed whiskey drink in hand feeling like I was somewhere else. Sun was setting and shining in my face and Bazilika' s bells were ringing , yet I couldn' t believe I was on a rooftop. Every building around me felt like a backdrop or a prop. Pretty amazing.
Now I definitely did not find this place on my own on one of my strolls round this city. It was actually an amazing recommendation from Ivanka from SweetLadyLollipop. She has been here few months ago and I made sure to mark it down. She actually mentioned that it is worth booking a table as well so I did. Thank god for that. Once we came to this place I noticed that all of the tables were reserved so there would be a zero chance in getting seated without calling ahead.
Best time to go? Depends on what your goal is. We only wanted to get a drink and see sunset so I booked us for 8.30 (in May) so we had perfect timing. They also do food which smelled amazing by the way. Stuff is good. They all speak nice English and there is no problem with them. They are also friendly and will take as many photos for you as you want. I even seen one waiter take a group of girl to this higher level terrace for best view on their picture.
Definitely worth coming here.

There are more rooftops I want to explore. Two of them are in Liverpool actually so be sure to keep your eyes on this space as I will share them with you soon.
What are your fav spots in Budapest? Have you been here before?

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.

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