Not so Common in the place called Common

Recently I have visited Manchester for the best concert I have been to so far. I am pretty sure that this experience will be very very hard to beat and will pretty surely stay in top 5 for a long time. You know it is one of those things where only things like, becoming an auntie, parent, endless love or solving a world hunger etc would make life better. But more about that in another post.

Here I wanted to share a different experience. Something that made my stay in Manchester better. As I stayed over for a night (traveled there with my sister) I needed a nice place to get breakfast. Sister is a huge coffee lover and little expert on the best of best. I am a known foodie. We stayed in Northern Quarter almost Picadilly Gardens area. So where should we go for breakfast that will make the whole concert experience sink in nicely?! Common!
Sweet little-ish place on Edge Street surrounded by plenty other artistic, as my sis says-hipster, cosy and very affordable, friendly staffed places. As you walk towards Common, there is no chance of missing the colorful entrance. Happy Hi and Hello from all sides as you walk in and warm feeling from the heaters we have been die-ing for.

As first we ordered food - filtered coffee (it is free for refills yall! call that an American dream ay) and Latte. Lovely and smooth. Warming you from inside. Juices tasted fresh so there is nothing bad I' d say about that. And then here came the food. Sis had a Veggie Fry where I had a Classic Fry aka your typical british breakfast. 
I usually have a problem feeling like the chef could have cooked my food for a little longer. Not the case this time. Everything was lovely, nicely seasoned but not too much. I was only jealous of my sisters avocado that came with her order. But the staff was so nice I am sure the would be okay to add some of that to any of your orders. After all, Avocado is kinda life haha.
I don' t normally make recommendations or reviews on places I have been to. A) I go to too many places these days to keep up, B) unless I am really happy somewhere I don' t see a point of mentioning it. I mean as they say if you have nothing nice to say, just don' t say nothing at all. So you know. I must of really liked it there haha.

Do give it a go if you are in the area and guys keep your eyes on this space as my concert story is coming up in few days.

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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