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I am becoming a sucker for online shopping. It is hella risky, especially being a plus size girlie, but there sure is something to it. As I am busy with work, traveling, taking care of house etc, this is obviously much easier then going out and bumping into people or waiting in lines. Plus , now that all social media advertises all different shops and apps, it is basically impossible to not get lost in the world of online shopping spree. And so I found this RUE.
What a beauty. I am so obsessed. My shopping cart can' t possibly get any fuller. I am actually scared of ordering something as it might cause an obsession. My bank account would not appreciate that.
But I do feel the need to share my biggest loves with you. Oh and no this is in no way sponsored or anything. I just really like do like their pieces.

 Aren' t these amazing? They are totally on my wishlist. They also do real cute swimsuit and sizes are from 0 to 20 something. Which means really anyone can shop here. The prices are on more pricier side. But looks so worth it.

What do you think? Like it or not.
Until next time keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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