Tone in Tone

There is such a large scale of colors and shades and tones in the world. One might find it difficult to combine pieces of clothes together. I mean it is a simple task, yet there are few little tricks to master it. As it is winter time, my favorite thing is to layer up. That way you are ready for any occassion a day may bring. Keeping it tone in tone and only adding little touches of other complimentary color is safest thing possible.
Here let me show you loves...

Here is grey scale where I also put together materials. Jersey and fluff, sued and leather. Why not. Perfect for comfy and super stylish girl.

A little retro black number. As these jeans have crazy great design including color, you can use that as its complimentary color and accessorize. Have fun with the little things. 

Blue is my favorite color so why not go full on with it ay? Yet again mixing different materials is a key to keep the look interesting . Add few golds or silvers and you really are giving a story of a stylish woman.

How do you make your daily styling easier?
Let me know. Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fulest

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