One really Happy Girl

There are many things and places that make me happy. This was one of them. And very high up on the top. Trip to London. My birthday trip actually. I went down south with someone special and I have never felt happier. This city has something that filled me up with joy, hope and new ideas. I realised how many possibilities there really are. It was pretty something.
I didn' t plan on sightseeing or anything. Just needed to feel that big city vibe again. First day was tour round few artsy neighborhoods, second day belonged to especially bankside and Camden. Last day was more of 'someone specials' day. Catching up with friends and showing me Brixton etc. I loved Elephant and Castle vibe. There was something so nice about the mix of cultures and types of people. Same in Brixton. If I was ever to move down to London I would sure think of them two areas.
As far as my closet goes I tried to pack light. Not over packing or nothing like that. These are my go to jeans. I combined them with different tops and accessories. SO yh haha

Did I mention I was happy?

What makes you feel over joyed? Is it a thing or place?

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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