Harder each day aka Deni rumbles. Again.

Life gets complicated. Harder and harder with every new day. Older I get more I realize this. I always knew that being grown up and all will be rough. I mean of course those eye bags under everyone's eyes meant trouble. I was getting myself in trouble. We all are. There is no normal or easy way to go around this. Its natural process. Sometimes it feels like somebody up there is playing a joke on us and one day I will wake up and our God or Goddess will say its all been just a test. Exam for strongest individuals. And price is an easier, happier or even healthier life. Wouldn't that be fantastic?

Talking bout exams. I had to take a few in last couple of weeks and let me tell you, those people over there making them must be high. The rules get weirder each year. We get questions we don't even understand. I know the point is to see if your brain even works right, but can somebodys mind have certain capacity? How much can one remember before running out of space. I daily feel like a little notification 'storage running low' will pop right across my forehead.We take in so many information each day. Wish I could just select what is going to stay there and what I am going to trash. I would honestly bin most of the things my brain deals with every day...

We would have so much nicer and care free type of life. I have too many people around me that I let close. I am also easy to effect so if you are having a bad day, high chances are that my day is going to get worst too. If you feel down my empathy is going to kick in and imma feel flippin down. Like seriously. My mood is going to drop it low! But if I had a chance of selecting what I let into my brain I wouldnt get these moods, now would I? Easier life!

I dont even know what I am rumbling bout over here. But try to think about this? What if there really is just someone playing a joke on us. I mean we probably have a whole script wrote down. Every step we take or will take is written down and we are just dolls in somebodys playhouse. Barely getting by.

Think haha.
Or don't! Give yourself a break boo!

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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