Good or trouble

I have always been the good kid. Never in trouble. Always did as mummy said. As far she knew anyways and even if I did misbehaved it has never been something she wouldn' t laugh at today. I did have a lot of after school activities to keep me away from trouble. Now that I am an adult and can pretty much do as I decide, I still have that voice inside my head. Something telling me to get away from trouble as much as possible. This doesn' t happen to many of us though does it?

I always felt like the influence of a parent has an opposite effect on person as they grow up. 'Oh I had to behave so now that I can do as I please imma go make it up' kinda thing. I actually do know people like this. On other hand I do know few kidos, even few of my former classmates, who used to live this wild life. Always partying in clubs they didn' t belong to, causing trouble, smoking (only god knows what). drinking(even they had now idea how much) etc. Thinking it is oh so cool and saying how tough their lifes are. Now they are graduating from university with jobs lined up or something. All good and making their parents proud. I even hear them say how they are happy they did all the raging in younger age so now they can focus on what is important. 
What is the way to go then? 

How was it for you? Were you a 'good kid' or whatever they call 'trouble maker'? I personally have no idea how someone can actually classify this. Honestly it definitely is just an overall thing. One of those 'be like the rest' techniques or other-teenage version of Santas 'naughty and nice list' haha.

To change the subject slightly, my parents would definitely tell you that I am a naughty kid haha. Or trouble maker. At least I put myself into trouble. With the way I dress up of course. I mean look at these photos guys haha. It was proper freezing, I am sure it has been snowing few days after this shoot and I am wearing tiny crop top, skirt and tights. Okay, okay I did all this just cause I really wanted to wear my teddy coat. And yeah I do admit my outfits lately made no sense once I left the house. It is as if I didn' t know it is the end of winter. I should probably check twice next time before  choosing my look for the day, right? 

 Also can we take a moment and appreciate this cutie white ball of fluff? I think he loved my coat as much as me haha. Properly twinning. Don' t think he got his from Primark like me though. Those 25  quid I spent were so worth it. I do try not to wear this coat too much so it doesn' t go all funny as most faux fluffy jackets do. Also I am pretty messy human so I am kinda afraid someone or I would get it dirty.
Trouble maker crop top I definitely featured here before is also a Primark purchase. I remember getting it for a night out. Gotta love those little hints I do with my looks once I go to clubs haha. Skater skirt and scarf are my H&M must haves. Shoes are gorgeous sparkly slip on babies from Deichmann. Got them back in April I think when my mum decided she hated all of my other shoes. She is a sweetheart I swear. Oh and this cute tiny little bag has been a present. Gotta love a little cheeky gift from MANGO haha. I could do with those everyday.
Also guys, yes I do know my shoes got little messy. But ay I did tell you I am a messy human so can' t blame me. It had to be in my DNA so make sure to write a complain to my factory. Jokes.
 As last topic... How sick are these photos? It has been ages since I had proper photos, right? Well I kind of had a struggle trying to find someone who would understand me. Then I found her. An angel sent from someone up there, who thinks I still deserve a shot at finding someone to make me look pretty at least on those photographs. Kidding. I would need miracle for that. BUT this is definitely as close as I will get to saying I love myself.  All thanks to Charly from Charlotte Jayne Photography.  She is hands down one of the most gifted female photographers I ever met. Well I clearly feel very happy that we will be colaborating a lot from now on. So keep your eyes on here for more to come, yh?!

Let me know what type of kid you were and what happened to you in later years. I mean if you want haha. And what do you think bout these photos? I am soooo excited .
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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