Stripey Sporty Casual

I love morning walks. There is no better way to start a day. It gets your body, metabolism and brain going better then nothing. At least that is my case ahah.
I went for a tiny little stroll the other day. Ended up staying out and about my neighbourhood for about two hours and getting a tan. Only I can do something like that.

 I get sooo much use out of this bag. I paid only 10 pounds in Primark for it and used it every single day back in my working days and now I still get loads of use of it. It is one of them huge pockets where you can throw anything in to and never find it. Still a perfect bag lol.
 I love how gingery my hair look on this picture. It actually kind of inspired me to change my hair color. lol. YES! again ahah. Actually I have a ginger hair dye on at the moment as I am writing this. Pictures coming soon ;)
 What is going on?! Them leaves look it is fall already. Whaaat?!??! ahha. And these are my newest sneakers. Of course they are from Primark ahah. And I had a surprise sale cause they ended up being 1,50. Whoooop
 I just realized that I am a walking primark advert again. The dress is Primark to and you have seen it more then plenty times and jacket is my go to from Second Hand.

What about you? Are you a walker or nah? Brits aren´t really made for walks so you barely see them around. Sad isn´t it?
DeniVev :*

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