No wonder.

I am all about comfort you all know that. And I love walks. So obviously if I decide to go for a walk basically through the whole Liverpool I need to be dressed comfortably. Next time I just need less clothes so I am not this warm ahahha.

Since I love to walk places I see more then any other people do. I see what the city of many people dreams really looks like . I know people, even my friends, who dream of England. They are the same as I used to be. They´d think that it is something incredibly perfect. There is no chance for it to have any messy or poor neighborhoods. Well, the opposite is true. Mess, un-employment, no money, no insurance, beautiful house beeing left empty....
Yes, there is beauty in this world as well. Obviously! Since I am a real optimist that is what I usually show you. SO let´s go back to those roots, shall we?! ;)
 I still feel like a tourist sometimes. This is one of probably two reasons I like smart phones. No need for paper maps ahah.
 Shirt from RESERVED, jeans are F&F for TESCO, shoes are my classy PRIMARK, sunglasses are my must haves from NEW LOOK and bag is my THE BLOGGER PROGRAMME canvas tote that I am prooooud of.

Do you use google maps to get around? What are your go to comfy pieces?
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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