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Yeah I do live in England and I do love a lot of world known bloggers but I still am a chic with Czech and Slovak roots which means that I will always be super supportive of my fellow bloggers from my homelands. That is why I thought I´ll put them all together into one post and share their amazing master pieces with you. What do you think about that ha?!

First of all I´d like to mention my all time fav Czech blogger duo A Cup Of Style. In case you are here with me for some time now you have seen me write about them million times before but they still are amazing. Defo worth sharing over and over again.
These girls started their blog differently then you can see it now (to know more go over to their blog) but they have created something that has kind of changed the way people in Czech look at blogging. And I definitely am happy about that.
Then there is this girl I actually knew ever since she is tiny (she might not even remember). She used to live in my hometown and the fact that she is a blogger now and I see she can be a real good one and pretty known in Slovakia is kind of melting my heart. Its Bari from BariBircak. 
She has that fresh young style that reminds me of Jenner sisters or that you can found on tumblr and I am so not bored of it.
This girl has been all over my facebook page lately so I thought I´ll just check her blog and see if I like it.  Guess what? I felt in love. Barbora from VogueHaus makes simple everyday pieces look the perfect stylish way and I defo do find a lot of inspiration on her blog.
As last but NOT least I´d like to mention Patricia from OnePlusMe. Her style is different then what you are used to and combination of that and her amazing photographer ans easy writing makes a nice blog to check whenever you just want to see something... nice.
Do you have any fav blogs from Czech or Slovakia?! Where are you from by the way? Write it down to the comments so we can tell each other where to travel and if you have a fav blogger from your homeland write it down too. Lets share ahah.
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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