Silver, Aurum, Budapest and much more

Hello Loves!
How is everyonve doing?! I hope you are all OK. I guess it is time for a little Life Update right?! :) I have been to some amazing places reacently so I thought I´ll make a little recap for you :)

Firstly I have been to Budapest for two times last week...That is actually pretty crazy since I havent really been there in the past . I went for a little shopping adventure with my friend (and actually blogging starter) Meli and then also with my parents. I am starting to be a little obsessed with that place. I am in love with that architecture.

Me and my friend we also went running a few days ago (I think I already mentioned this)  and we have also been doing some photoshooting (also already mentioned in one of my latest posts). You will be able to see pictures we did tommorow in my OOTD post. I really like them so I hope you will like them too. 

And then I still didnt have enough of spending time with M so we went for a weekend trip with her parents. We have been to Hajdúszoboszló in Hungary. It was a wonderfull wellness weekend. We had a lot of fun. Our days were basicly full of swimming, sunbathing, laughting, shopping :/ and eating. Did I mentioned it was FUN :) Hajdúszoboszló is this cute town with loads of Superb Spa and Wellness Hotels. There is a thermal and healthy water that is supossed to help you with any health problems you may have. I especially enjoyed night walks with M while listening to HUGE mix of different musicians playing live in every single pub, bar and restaurant. 

 I have really enjoyed this week. I guess it was finally time for me to chill out and have fun this summer. Not that I didnt have fun yet but this is something different. I LOVE traveling and I have traveled LOADS this past few days. LOVE  it :)
I mean WHAT a wonderfull end of summer right?! :)

Let me know what you think about todays post and maybe if you have any tips?! Make sure to leave them in the comments bellow. Also let me know how was your summer?! What did you do?! Where have you been?! I would really like to know that :) YES! I am really nosy :P

DenVev :*
P.S.: photo credits Meli and Me i guess :P  

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