My Summer Favorites 2013 edition

Hello People! :)
How is everyone doing?! I hope you are still okay and that you are all enjoying these last days of summer ! :)
I am deffinitelly enjoying them as much as possible and as it is basicly the end of summer I thought I´ll share with you a few of my fav products I have been using this summer.
There is not a lot of them since I was trying NOT to use tones of products on my skin in summer, but these are the ones I did use and I liked the MOST !

 So firstly a HAND LOTION from BALEA. this one has always helped me after i got a little sun burned. Plus it is not only good for your hands but also for full body. It leaves this slight smell but not too hard so you can apply it also in the morning and mix it with your perfume and it makes this nice summer smell. ahah

Next FRESH´N SOFT wet wipes. These are super handy and helpfull at any situation. I always have one package of these in my handbag.

Then AVON and also MISS SPORTY liquid eye liners. I tried to use both of these in the summer since I LOVE eye liners and i didnt want to give up on them through summer just because it might leave black spots all over my face. But nothing like that happened. They both stayed on place for all day and were super pigmented as well. Plus this kind of liners are really easy and fast to use. RECOMEND !

MIYO eye shadows. I found these in sale at the begginning of summer and used them ever since then. I totally love them. They stay on -nicely- all day. The white color makes you look fresh and -NOT tired- all day and the brown adds a little bit of  nude sparkle to your eyes.

And last but NOT least WILKINSON racers. Not a lot of bloggers write about these, but I LOVE them so much I just HAD to -LOL-. In the summer and basicly through all year you want your legs to be a smooth and as hairless as possible and these makes its job PERFECTLY. Plus they fit into your hand nicely so they are easy and nice to use. Also I use to exidently cut myself -pretty often- and since these racers has a ALOE strip on it makes my legs and cuts feel and heal much better and faster. COOL :) :P

And thats all I have for you for today. I hope it helped you a bit and that you will come back again next time. Thanks for stopping by.
DeniVev :*

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