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Hello !!! Today I am writing this (hopefully) more helpfull and interesting post. Basicly I´ll try to ispire you since these are the outfits that I would choose for a date :) Hope you enjoy :)

1) my first date can be basicly whatever I want....i mean the program and the place... soo I decided to go for a concert.. but NOT just any concert.. Ed Sheeran baby :D ahhah Lets keep it comfy because of the dancing but pretty hot because of the boy. Oh end being a little bit more fangirl-ish isn´t thaat bad right? :D
 my outfit :
 2)sooo this time it is a bit casuall date.... just chillin :D nothing too special or too smart. but still, you want your boy to be inpressed about your peeerfect look, don´t you?
 my outfit:

 3) this is pretty nice... something I would really enjoy. Drink and then his place. Classic I would say :) then in my oppinion it is good to wear something smart for a drink but still comfy. I am not a big fan of heels so lets try it with flats ahhaha
 my outfit: 

4) This man kept it really simple. Lets go for a futball match. Well I love sport so why not? In this case you would not want to were high heels and dress right? But you wanna look nice don´t you? what about showing the best piece of your body? i decided to go for a legs this time...
 my outfit:
5) Romantic isn´t it. Classic and romantic.. hmm... well then I want to look nice, girly but sexy as well...
my outfit:
Hope you are at least a little bit inspired. So if you were asked to go for a dinner to McDonalds or for a futball match.. there you go :) ahahha....

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