Looking Forward

5:55 AM

Ello!!! :) SO it is January as we all know and its a new year. Everyone is doing their new years resolutions, So I tought that I should try to do something like that too.....BUT....i am sooo bad in keeping my resolutions.
Well....thats why I will just write about what I would like to happen in 2013....these are not my goals (that I would probably never achieve)...these are only my dreams and wishes I hope that would happen.....Is it clear enough??? ahahah... Lets Start....

             Finish this school year as successfull a possible
hate school
 Be the BEST daughter/sister/friend....
NEVER stop shopping ahahh
LONDON here I come (hopefully)
What to do in London?
find a job
go to Primark
Meet some bloggers and youtubers
go on a concert
meet new people
take lots of pictures

BE the BEST Senior  at high school
  High School 
and much more......

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