Top Songs Decembre 2012

Well..Hello :) So as always I am here with my top songs... well with my fav songs... hope you enjoy and please give them a chance ahahhah...
Love you
Ed is an incredible singer and song writer.. I LOVE him... and actually I had a few days when I couldn´t fall asleep until I didn´t listen to this song... AWESOME !!!! Deffinitelly caught my heart :)

Full of energy.. good lyrics and their voices!!! I don´t know what to say. I love it..

From the first moment when I hear it on Radio1 I was.... like under the spell SERIOSLY !! ahhaha :) Oh and if you didn´t hear their performance on AMA GO LISTEN TO IT!!! Nathans solo
 is soooo goood. I was pushing the replay button for about 100 times ahahhah :D

Listen and You´ll understand....well maybe not but... :D

well its Britney Bitch soooo......

I don´t know what is it about this song that makes everyone love it...but for me its probalby that unusuall weird voice... i really enjoy this one....

amazing voice...it is so easy for me to clean up my room with this tune on ahahahhah

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