Say No To Size Zero....

Lets be happy
A lot of girls are being bullied in these days for being ..well....not size 0 or 2. I am one of those curvy girls and even I have gone true bullying. I know who I am and I know how I look. And as long as I am healthy and happy I´ll be ok. I don´t need anyone to tell me how I look. 
Are you bullied? Face it! Look into the mirror and say YES I AM CURVY. I LOVE MY CURVES! because as long as you are healthy and happy, there is no one with right to change you.
Even well known women has curves. They are even proud to have them. Once I read an interview with Beyonce and she said, that she is happier with curves and she loves her body. There are a lot of strong and successfull curvy women. It is OK to be different :)

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