Top Songs September/October 2012

Hi yall!!!
So today I decided to do a post about my fav songs from Sept. and Oct. I skipped a August for being too busy so this post will contain  more songs as usual So I hope you´ll enjoy at least a few of my favs. :)

1. The Wanted (basicly everything, but their new song really touched my heart )
2. Adele - Skyfall ( in fact I am not fan of all the song that Adele have, but this one is really amazing. I got to this song through 007 and I can´t stop listening to his song)
3. One Direction LWWY ( A few months ago I explained my love to this young british/irish :D band and I am not ashamed to say that I am kinda Directioner- fangirl. They look pretty good and their vocals are pretty amazing. Boys are talented no matter what their haters think. This song cought me with the melody but also with the lyrics. They are really possitive and full of fun. Thats something that I really need in these sad school days)

4. Rihanna- Diamonds (this song has really good tune and vocals as well. Riri has always been doing good music but seriouslly this is one of my faves from this talented chocolate lady)
5. Olly Murs- Troublemaker ( Olly is my HUUUGE love. I love his music, his personality, like probably everything. This song is really nice and I think you would like it too)
6. Justin Bieber- As long as You love me (when I was younger I really liked JB but then I just basicly stopped listening to him. But since his newest album came out I am really loving this tune. You should really give it a chance)
7. Mumford &Sons - I will wait (OMG, this is the best song for my Fall Studying Nights. It feels so easy to study those boring school stuff while I am listening to theese boys. their music is nice and calming. Please give it a try! I will wait is my favorite song from this band and like omg :) )
8. Ellie Goulding - Anythig could happen (this young lady is so talented. I love her music since "the writer" came out. This tune is full of energy.)
9. Robbie Williams - Candy ( ROBBIE ! I looove him. When I was little I used to wish I could marry him. He has a nice charisma and amaaaing talent. This song REALLY surprised me, because he doesn´t have a lot of song with this much energy , but I was cought with the tune from the beggining. It is pretty catchy :) )
10. & 11. Little Mix ( theese girlzzzz are amazing. their style , their VOCALS and also their humor :D the DO have the XFactor.... ahahha... I had to say that :D I like all of their songs. They are all catchy and thats what I like on all the songs. theese are my two favs from my girlzzzz... )
12. LOL soundtrack - Somewhere Only We Know
13. Lykke Li -  I Follow Rivers
14. Stooshe- Black Heart
15. The Script- Hall of Fame
16. Awolnation - Sail

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