Good Student ?

Hi there ! :)
I have been REALLY bad blogger for last month i know, but I am just so super busy. Like I really never thought that I ca be this busy :) So basiclly I am planning to blog a little more soon but for now I have here this little article about my todays trip to Bratislava with my school.
We went for kinda university exhibition, where you could get planty of informations about almost all unis in Slovak and Czech republik. This exhibition is actuall from 9.-11. october 2012. You can see here seriously almost all sort of universities from medicine, through, journalism uni to math. I kept my eye on more unis : journalism, media communication, translator, fashion design and pedagogic unverstity. (i am not sure in the names of these schools in english so please don´t judge me :D ) I was really glad that I had a chance to go there and get to know that many infos about unis I am  interested in.
I also did a few pics :D
I hope you are having a little funnier time in your life :D Have a great day :)

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