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7:07 AM

Yeah I is already summer for a longer time now  :D So basicly..I got a lot of messages with questions about my summer holidays recently and now I decided to do a article about it so I can answer all your questions. Hope you enjoy :)
 1. My summer holidays started on 1st July and they will finish on 3rd September i guess :D
2. I have three biggest plans: - Work, Trip to Brno, Trip to Prague
3. other plans: Be with friends , do a lot of shopping, meet a lot of new people, write good articles and make interesting videos, improve my English...
 About my work (job)
- I am working in the restaurant. I am a worker in the kitchen ( not sure how to call it, probabla helper). I am prepairing food that is suppossed to be served, i am cutting, baking, roasting and everything else that has to be done really fast.
About my trip to Brno
- I am leaving on 18th July and coming back home on 22nd July. I will spend a day with my grandmum and then the rest I´ll be with my friends. I am also staying at one of my friends house. I will be shopping a lot and make sure to check out my blog, facebook, twitter and tumblr for a pictures. At the weekend I am going on a concert of my favorite czech band Charlie Straight and I am like soooooo excited :D

About my trip to Prague
- I have no idea when I am leaving. I am going with my parents . We will be going around the city and we want to see as much monuments as we can :D There will be more pictures for sure :D

And as the last , something that I didn´t mensioned yet, my parents are planning to take as into Croatia for a few days. But that is something that we will be talking about at the end of holidays. We will go as a last minute.
Hope you enjoyed or maybe I also inspired you?!?! :) ahahhahahh
OK, thanks for reading.

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