Happy Weekends Yall

 One of my happiest weekends last month has most definitely been the one, when one of my besties came to visit. The hardest thing to do when moving to foreign country is leaving everyone else behind. All the family and friends that stayed in my hometown. I am very lucky to have people so close to my cheesy little hard and it was really hard to go away from them. I don' t believe in good-byes. I never say those words to people I love and know I will see again. Ever. Even if I was to take a break from them for good year I WILL only say 'See you later'. Especially my best friends.
Timi is one of those I know I will never get out of my life. She came in as we started high school and got stuck. For that reason I am more then happy to see her whenever we can.

The other week she came to visit out lovely windy city of Liverpool. Now for someone who has been used to life in London, where she spent her summer, this wasn' t very exciting. That much better was time we spent together. We made sure to have fun no matter what. Oh and we sure went shopping way too many times. Too many. Ask my bank account if you don' t trust me.

This is a lifestyle and fashion blog. Yes! For the lifestyle part I don' t think there is anything about Liverpool I haven' t mentioned yet. We seen all the must check spots and I had to take Timi to Nandos as she ha never been and I am still kind of obsessed with.
As far as the fashion goes, you have to keep it casual at day time. Wearing anything but pants at this time of a year is as risky as going roller coasters in A-line skirt. Risk of having Marylin Monroe moment in front of everyone and anyone. I actually love how we sort of ended up matching. That is something I never thought would happen as our styles are pretty different.
My OOTD: Jeans- New Look, Jacket- TK Maxx, Shirt- Primark, Bag- H&M, shoes- Primark, Sunnies- Steve Madden
Simple jeans, chucks, cross body bag, leather and top combination is priceless. Combining all the must haves of any typical white chick.
Timi's OOTD: shoes- Converse, Jeans- H&M, Jacket- Bershka, Scarf- H&M, Bag- C&A. Very Zoella, don' t you think?
There is nothing better then finding a little bag that is out of your way and won' t annoy you when moving, but also stores all your musts. we both went for slightly different styles. I used it as main accent point and Timi did just little subtle but useful way.
What do you consider happy weekend? Do you have any routine or just wing it? Oh and have you ever been to Liverpool?

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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