I have mentioned a while back that I like finding new and upcoming artists. I love the freshness and humbleness or musicians who are just starting to feel just how amazing they are. Being a part of their original little fan base seems pretty nice. A while back I discovered on streets of Liverpool Jamie Harrison. I did talk bout him a bit before.  His voice is really soothing for me and the passion he has for music is unreal. 
Yesterday I have been wondering round the city with a friend of mine- as I do, and I could hear a music that basically lead me to this incredible band. Keywest!

 I have seen them round Liverpool for last few days and let me tell you, their looks really caught my eye ahah. But this time it was the sound I hear. A nice mixture of Mumford & a Sons and The Script. Their lyrics pretty and meaningful. Stories behind them were honestly funny at times and the happiness and passion on their faces as they did something they probably live for .... well I could see right a way they will be BIG. I´m telling you!

In a shortcut - you need to start listening to them! Like now ahah. I mean this combination of Irish and British really works. At least for me.
If you don´t know where to start here are my tops by them:

Amazing aren´t they. I know.
Who is your favorite musician at the moment?
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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