No need to stress

Hello People!

How are you all?! I hope you are not being too busy, nervous or stressed out. Because I AM! I am just in my last year of high school-as I probably mentioned for 100 times already- and I am starting to feel nervous and anxious. As everyone who already went through this experience I am scared I won´t be good enough to finish school and get to university.
Plus it is Autumn/Fall and its that seasson of the year when we ALL have anxiety or depression. Thats why I tried to make a list of things that are helping me to get over these problems and feeling. List of things that make me feel better.
This is what makes me happy. It obviously constists of drinking even more tea then usual :D I actually found this great tea place in my town and I LOVE going in there a lot these days. I am listening to music all the time! I always did and I always will!!! I LOVE the new album NATIVE by One Republic. It is really good and the best way of listening it is : in the car, with BFF on the way to your favorite place where you can just relax and leave all negativity at. Also listening to Chrlie Straight is something like my autumn tradition :D I dont know why but I am their huge fan especially at this time of year :D If you want to listen to something happier then maybe go for Karmin. Their song ACAPELLA is great! I also LOVE John Legend receantly. His music is MAGICAL..... Going for evening walks is also great for me. I usualy listen to music and just walk around town like a weird one. At that moment I DO NOT care about what people thinks of me. I just go and I try not to think about anything that stress me out. It usually works :) And sleeping is also really hard for me these days so having a good full on sleep night is basicly GIFT to me.
Also spending time on TUMBLR is SUPER productive ahhah.... well it probably isnt-for most of us- but it does sometimes help you feel a bit better doesnt it?! So why the h... shouldn´t I go and spend time doing basicly nothing?! :)
So these are only a few thing or tips that might help you feel better and that will maybe help you wait until christmaaaas :D ahhah.... Are you excited for christmas?! :) I guess I am....but whatever :D SO I hope these few TIPS will help you and maybe you can leave a short comment with your tip for me! That would be great. We can help each other :)
So I hope your upcoming week will be good and until Monday- thats basicly tomorrow :D- good bye ;)
DeniVev :*

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