How I take care of my Hair

Hi there :) How are you all? I hope you are doing well. Well today I have here a post about hair. My hair ahah.... These are products that I use and thinks I do basicly every day . Hope you enjoy and maybe it helps you ?! :)
                  As first I always wash my hair. For washing them I use a Head&Shoulders shampoo. I like this one because it always makes my hair feel nice and it also helps me to get rid of dandruffs.
And after I wash that completely I use a conditioner. I have two conditioners that I love to use. and its SYOSS professional SMOOTH RELAX (it helps you if you have frizzy and dry hair just like I do) and then SCHWARZKOPF GLISS KUR hair repair with liquid keratin, shea and cashmere.
After that I like to put my hair into a towel and I leave them like that for about 10-15 minutes. This way I dry them almost completely so I dont have to use that much hot air. Then I use a brush and I gently brush my hair begining at the ends and then working my way to the roots. If I want to have my hair smooth and straight I use a SCHWARZKOPF 3weather TAFT STRAIGHTENING BALM and then I just dry them with a blow-dryer. If I am planning to curl my hair later on I just skip this step. 

WWhenthey are finally completely dry I use a AVON ADVANCED TECHNIQUES daily shine DRY ENDS SERUM. This REALLY helps my blond ends not to be so dry. If you are trying to find something that really helps then this is IT :) I just simply put a bit on my hand, work it in between my fingers and then into the hair avoiding the roots!!! After I am done with that I brush my hair again.
In case I want to straighten my hair a bit more or use a hair curler I use a heat protector BALEA TREND IT UP spray. 
If my hair has no volume I like to use SCHWARZKOPF INSTANT VOLUME POWDER. This is a product that my sister has always been using for styling her hair and then I tried it and I completely felt in love :)
And the last product I like to use is a SCHWARZKOPF GOT2B rockin´it hairspray. It holds my hair just perfectly and it is also easy to brush it out.

And this is How my Hair looks lately :)

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