Don´t mind me, I am freezing...

Well Hello :)
So I am back with a new pictures :) This week was supeeeer cold in my area, so I finally!!!!! got to wear a UGGS :D ahahah I am not that kind of person that can go out wearing uggs when it is like 10 or more celsius but now....... YAY :D ahhaha
BUT I wasn´t happy for very long time :/ These pics were done yesterday with my phone and today I absolutely distroyed the uggs :( I don´t know what happened but they are no onger usefull for sure ahahhah
Well... thats it for today... I hope you enjoy my pics that were done by using a android app called Wondershare Power Cam. It is a free app so feel free t try it out :)
Love you all
Peace :P

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