Keep Fit & Healthy

Hi lovelies!
So a few weeks ago I wrote a post about me working out with a friend. Today I would like to continue with this theme.
Its going to be about my working out routine/challenge/keeping fit&healthy. :D

Sooo... this is my situation: I am a student on high school with 5or7 lessons per day and with after school activities almost every day. There is not a lot of time to study or relax BUT..... I would like to keep my body healthy, fit and also a little bit better looking. And this is what I started doing a week ago.......
I hope that this routine would work for me the way I want .
Monday.... I am starting a week with a lot of studying and two after school activities that take 3-3,5 hours from my day so I am not working out on Monday. What a wonderfull start right? ahaha
Tuesday...after school , well actually at 7, I go to Zumba. (more about me and zumba at the end of a post :D )
Wednesday....it is the longest day in school for me so you can imagine how happy I am after the school :D I like to relax so I go for a run. I am used to run for 30 minutes. That is the perfect time for me right now. Maybe I´ll be running more later. ( more about me and running at the end of the post )
Thursday....This is a day for Zumba. Nothing special to tell :D
Friday.... Running again. This is a day of late night run, because I have a drama lesson that take looong time :D
Weekend..... at the weekend I try to do something that I am not doing through week. It can be swimming, pilates anything. This way I try to make myself be excited for sporting and be happy and proud of me.

Me&Zumba :)
I tryed zumba for the first time probably two years ago. Since then I was doing zumba like once a time. Now a am trying to do it reguralry and it is aking me feel good. I loooove to dance and music and this is really nice combination of working out and dance as you probably already know :D My advice is to wear really! comfy clothes. I feel the best in leggins and baggy shirt. Of course... be carefull while choosing the best shoes!
Me&Running :)
I always loved running. It has probably always been my favorite sport. While I am running I don´t even  think about my problems, about school or people. It is great activity to relax. Well it works for me :D ahahha I don´t have the best condition so I am not running for like an hour or something like that but 30 minutes are
working for me so far :D My HUUUGE advices: GOOD SHOES! if you don´t have a good and safe pair of trainers you can really hurt yourself. So if you are thinking about strarting with running you know what to buy. And music is really important! At least  for me it is. I can not run without music. Some people like quite running but I don´t. I need music because it is giving me the right optimistic think into my head :D ahahhah

If you want to know more, maybe my fav music for running or my fav zumba song just let me know.

Thank you so much for reading.
Love you

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