Welcome home honey....

12:31 PM

YO!!! :) So I am sorry that I haven´t write anythink interesting for long time but I have a lot of work for school now :( that is not very good excuse (probably) but ..sorry :D So two weeks ago... I was in Hungary ...with my friend...we were shopping .. aaaand I got these two amazing pairs of shoes....they were SUPER UNEXPENSIVE!!!!like really!! those jelly flats were for 3,50 € and those oxforts were for 4,25 € :) LIKE WHAT?? :D aren´t they great?? i love them absolutelly ...sooo sooo much :D Make sure you ´ll check out my how to style article(coming soon) if you want to know HOW I style these lovely shoes :)
Love you... :)

 I know size 40!! like YAP i have a huge feet :D ahahha but what can I do? D

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