1 piece 3 ways

3:37 AM

One stabel piece in 3 diffrent Outfits :)
Dresses are from H&M and they costs about 4 €

More Girly One - this is good for a date 
Dresses H&M
Sweater Terranova
Necklace by mum
Sunglasses Terranova
Belt H&M
Bag F&F

Good for Shopping
Dresses H&M
Belt H&M
Neckless by mum
Sweater Terranova
Sunglasses from market
Bag from Italy (fake but mine :P )

You can wear pink on the rock concert too
 Dresses from H&M
Sweater from H&M
Bag from Kenvelo
Sneakers from market
Hat from Tally Weijl

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