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Hi yall ! I am at my grandmothers house and I don´t know what to upload now so maybe these few pictures with my favorite celebrities at the moment will be good enough :D:D:D LOVE YALL and thank you for reading :) xoxo Deni ♥♥♥

Pixie Lott :) i like her voice and also her bohorock style :) I am listening her music since she started and I like on her that she was working pretty hard because she wanted to be an singer. :)

Grammy Awards. Miley
Miley Cyrus :) great actor (i think :D ) and singer and also a girl with really great style. She was always a fashion icon for me and at the last time when she is wearing blackcolor and boho roc style it is even better :) Miley (real name Destiny) was growing in the shine og the lights. She became famouse thank of Hannah Montana ( i am sure you know it) but I think that even if she would not get the role in this show , she will became famouse.  I love that she is pretty much funny and she likes to have a fun .

Christina Perri :) If you ever hear singing her you will agree with me when I say that her voice is AMAZING :) and her hair looks really good. Christina has dark brown almost black hair and blonde highlight in them and it looks really good :) don´t you think?

Troian Bellisario Actress Troian Bellisario arrives at the Oceana benefit at Esquire House LA on November 13, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.
Troian Bellisario :) This girl is an actor and you can know her from Pretty Little Liars (what is BTW really good and dramatic show ) and I think that Troian is really good actor. She is also a pretty girl and in the show and also in her own life she looks always good :) Her voice when she is talking is  ( just my oppinion ) amazing and unusual :)

Taylor Momsen :) This girl grown from little blonde hair princess into big rocker (you can´t see it on a picture). Taylor is amazing actor from Gossip Girl and she is playing (my oppinion) hard role. Jenny (her role in GG) was also growing from blonde princess into rock her with a lot and a lot of problems. Taylor is also a singer in a rock band The Pretty Reckless and I really like this music (well i like all kinds of music :D ) and her voice is also really amazing (i recommend you to try it and check out any of their songs). :)

Kristen Stewart :) I was a little girl when I saw this girl in a movie for the first time. She was playing in the movie called "Panic Room" (it was the first time I saw any movie for older people :P ) and a few years later when I found out that she will be in the same movie as my favorite actor (Robert Pattinson - I felt in love with him in Harry Potter when he was playing Cedric) I sweard that I will go to the cinema and I´ll check out that movie. I was really impressed how great actor she is. I also like her personality and she is a pretty girl (woman) too :) I was always wondering how Kristen is singing and thank of a movie where she was singing I found out that her voice sounds that great as I tought :)

 Robert Pattinson :) OK our favorite vampire. I felt in love with him when he was playing Cedric Degory in Harry Potter and then again in Twilight (ok and it is out :P ) . He grown up from not very good looking child and then teenager in to finally good looking men. In my oppinion Rob is a great actor and OK even a good singer. He is not singing in that normal way but in really good special way (someone can say that it sounds as a screaming but I love it). :)

Steven McGueen :) really good looking boy and also a good singer but the most important think is that he is really good actor :) I saw him playing just in Vampire Diaries (the best vampire show ever and trust me I saw a lot of them) but it was too enough for me :) I will like him even if he will be the worst actor ever because he has the best smile EVER :)

So these are my favorite Celebrities :) well at the moment because if I will start with showing you all my favorite celebrities I would not be able to stop :D I hope you like them too :)
Love you and thank you for reading :)
xoxo Deni ♥

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