SO.. I decided to make this article, because I want to let you know , what I liked this month :))) 
Girls From Pretty Little Liars , especially Troian
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Actors from Glee
Actors from Vampire Diaries

vampire diaries
AND.... Lauren Conrad !!!!
Lauren Conrad New York Signing

Favourite Music:
Axel Red- Sensualité
Adele- Turning Tabels
Florence & The Machine -Drumming
Lykke Li - Little Bit
and the winner is : Plastiscines - Bitch
Favourite Youtuber: Zoella280390 - schoee.blogspot.com
Favourite blog: My favourite blog is still theclothes.blogspot.com
Favourite Food : Asian Nudle :)
Favourite store: H&M and Ann Christine ♥♥♥

I think it is all......... I don´t know what ells to say so....
Peace and Much LOVE

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