What is in my Bag :)

12:54 PM

Hi Lovely People !
I am back and look what I did for you :D I did a video for you and it is called ,,What is in my Bag´´. It was a lot of work. It doesn´t look like it takes a lot of time and energy, but it does !!!! I made the whole video and I found out that the half of video was bad ( without sound :( ). So I had to do it again !! :D But at the end I think it is pretty good :)) I hope so. It is not so much professional video but I hope you will like it. :)))))

products :
 pink make-up bag by Sephora:
pouder by S-HE - light
make- up So Clear by miss sporty - medium
bronzer by Alverde - for summer girl
blush by Alverde
Anti-Aging Hand Cream by Dermacol - macadamia oil & shea butter
black make- up bag by Avon:
mascara superSHOCK by Avon
mirror by Sephora
Cover Stick by Oriflame - Visions, Medium
perfume GABRINI by Perfect mini
Lip Balm by Oriflame
Miss Sporty Be Connected - Black Metallic Eyeliner and Liquid Eyeshadow
Miss Sporty Be Connected - Liquid Eyeshadow and Concealer
Tender Care Protecting Balm by Oriflame
glimmerstick eye liner by Avon- blackset black

Face and Body Spray - Avon Naturals- Strawberry
Nailpolish wich I had on is by Essence- multi dimension XXXL shine nail polish- 30 Late at Night
Bag is from New Yorker - 7-10 euro
blouse - IDK - christmas present but I think it is from H&M
Leggins from Takko

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