Favourite summer trend :D

Its still summer and I love to wearing dresses. So I am wearing them a lot at the summer. And there are my favourite outfits for summer. :D - with dresses :P

1. for beach time

 2. for special time -maybe date :D or not :DDDD
 Hugs or laugh

3. if you like to be the ONE :D You know what I meen? :D

to be or not to be, that is the question 

 4. for princess time
 i am go marride?

 5.if it gonna be a little bit cold
 my rocky outfit

 6.I love coral color
life is the climb 

 7. the coolest outfit ever
 i go to shopping center

 8.to the park
 go to the garden and you will see me

 9. a little bit of  VINTAGE :D (this is my fav favourite)
 Spring outfit

 another ones
 La Bella Isabella

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