Us "D" Girls Rock

Demi! Loved her since her first appearance on Disney and probably always will. Whatever she has been through in her life she is still amazing. After years she was my huge inspiration. In beauty, life, career or fashion. I guess in everything.

Lately she started appearing as a strong, fearless, hot and real grown woman. Her style changed up a bit, she started talking bout loving your curves- topic I always like to talk about- and she does a lot of new music at the moment as well.
 Overall she seems to be bloody happy lately which as a fan of hers I am pleased with. As far as her career goes she is killing it wherever she can. Music, beauty...
And when it comes to hair she is a real chameleon. I have always changed my hair. My friends would be going nuts but it has never been as noticeable as her changes. TO be honest the only reason why is that I have been going to school where they wouldn't be happy bout me having rainbow hair ahah. And lately I have been trying to leave them nicely light blond and I am also trying to let them grow. Now guess what this beautiful woman is making me wanna do?! You guessed it right! Cut them off and dye them black or at least dark brown ahah.
Thanks babe!
 She looks happy and healthy! And I think that Demi is a real proof that to be happy with your life and for people to see you are happy, you have to learn to love yourself. Love every part of YOU! Be healthy! And the happiness will simply sparkle out of you. As simple as that! Accept yourself !

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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