Two Piece and Peace

A while back I wrote a post about two pieces. Those outfits where you pur together high waisted skirt and some crop top and look bloody good and hot. Back then I thought that I would never actually wear something like that. Well look at me now. lol

I actually really like this trend on me. Shows off my curves and on days when it is soooo hot outside I don t mind showing off a bit of my skin either. I also saw a lot of women rock this with trainers so I thought I ll go for this comfy option myself. If you know anything bout me then you know that comfort comes first lol.
Oh and yes I did take these photo in a fitting room. SO classy of me now tho! ahah. I feel like I always take them there. Or nah.
And look at my stomach! It is slowly disappearing! YAY! Now don t get me wrong. I am all about my curves and I really want to keep them. I have learned to love them and I want to embrace them and show all the other curvier girls how beautiful they are. But my tummy was a bit bigger a while back and I wanted to get rid of most of it. I slowly am doing so. And I know women in the store are doing terrible job cleaning them mirrors!
And can you see how much I care about my bra showing? Yeah. I am that weird one! But I mean I love these new bras of mine. They are so pretty and lacey! I feel like it is a shame to keep them covered and hidden. So if they want to make my outfit hotter I let them. Yeah I know I really am weird lately.
Outfit details: so basically almost everything is primark. Surprised? Cause I am not. Skirt, Shirt, Shoes and bag are PRIMARK, jacket is Second Hand, bra is from random boutique in my home town. And I kept it simple without additional accessories or jewelry. 

What do you think bout two piece trend? Do you wear something like this? 
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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