Insta of Da Week @wishwishwish

WishWishWish is another of my all time favorite bloggers. And her instagram is like extended blog. Seriously! She has soooo many to me inspirational pics there. Maybe you know by now what my fav instagramers have in common. Love for fashion, food, architecture and travel. If you have insta filled with this there is 90% chance I´ll fall in love with you. Just like I did with Carrie´s account.

Carrie herself is a super cute and gorgeous human being. Her insta in extension of her. Whenever I need an inspiration or something to make me go "gosh what am I doing with my life?! I need to wake up!" kind of a kick ass I just check her insta.
She always makes me super jealous... And bloody hungry! Thanks Carrie!
I hope that combination of me and Carrie made you regret a few of your life choices ahaha. Just kiddin. I hope it inspired you in a way and you will actually go check her out. 
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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