Stripe out the color

I have been wearing such minimalistic and boring outfits lately. And I got this feeling like "What are you doing? You have nice colorful clothes and you don´t even wear them! Wake up woman!" Okay that wasn´t exactly it ahah but I did tell myself to wear some color at least as an accessory.
And that is what I did when it comes to this outfit.

I decided to instead of going all crazy with colorful dresses , I´d wear my classy striped black and white dress and just add green jelly sandals and my tote bag. Worked pretty okay right? Plus I wasn´t really bothered bout my bright orange bra showing. Added another color right? LOL. And those sandals are super comfy ladies! In case you didn´t get on board with this jelly/plastic trend yet, please do! You´ll thank me later. It is sooo funky .
 Oh and obviously I wore my rainbow sunnies. Nothing adds more color then the whole motherf*cking rainbow right? Pardon my language ladies. I am just really excited bout them ahah.
  I have this bag from TERRANOVA for yeaaars now. It was a gift I believe and I used to wear it basically every day. As you noticed I didn´t use it at all lately. That is why I felt like getting it a chance again to shine bright on the sun ahaha.
 Oh and I can´t forget my necklace! Look I am actually wearing my new necklace I talked about in my previous post. Isn´t it nice. Simple but it does show. 
And guess where I went dressed like this. To my "office" in park ahaha. I feel like I have been basically only blogging from here lately. But I just can´t help it! I love it here.
outfit details: PRIMARK dress, necklace and sunnies, TERRANOVA tote bag, bra from random boutique but you can get similar even in H&M, shoes boutique in Budapest - find anywhere now even in PRIMARK.
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest!
DeniVev :*

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