Red It Up

Who doesn´t like a bit of a cheeky red lip? I thought so! We all get that urge for a bit bolder lipstick every now and then. If you know anything bout me you know I get this feeling more then often ahah. I just love my lipsticks and colors and bold look and....

Lately I have been using this simple and cheap combination and I love it! Stays on for hours and even afterwords the lip-stain leaves a nice natural looking shade on your lips so you look like you just been kissed all day long. Now what is more attractive then that? So I just combine my RIMMEL long lasting lip tint that is actually transfer-proof in color Unstoppable Red and put tiny bit of MISS SPORTY perfect color lipstick in High Red.
What I like about combining these two products together is that you can get as intense color as you want. You just need to layer it.
What are your favorite lip products at the moment? Do you have anything special for summer?

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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