Story of a Girl and her Squares

I am more then sure that I had a slight heart attack about a week ago. Now I never ever wanted to be this kind of person but today I realize that I became obsessed with an app. With Instagram. I don´t know how it happened or when but I need help.
Okay now on more of a "real" note. If you follow @DeniVev on Instagram you know that I post up everything and I have days when I put up like 10 photos. Those are the days when I feel like- Wow, this needs to stop! Plus about a week ago Instagram did something with multiple accounts and we weren´t able to log in. That was a moment when I told myself that I need to wake up and go back to who I really am. I felt so anxious when I had no control over my account. I almost feel ashamed of it.
Anyways, today I´ll share with you few moments of my life (from last couple of weeks) through there InstaPics. Enjoy.

 1)The weather in England, specially in Liverpool is joking lately! If my mom and her sensitive head lived here-  she´d go mad! It changes so quickly and it definitely doesn´t remind me of summer. 2) and 3) My style is being moody as a pregnant woman ahah. It changes every day now. One day I feel like a Parisian chic and natural woman and the next day I do bloody smokey eyes and put my "bad gal" clothes on. Mad! Im telling you! 4) One of few moments when my closet looked "photogenic"
 1) Still going for nights out. Obviously. And that picture is actually first time that I wore my crop top. Or any crop top . Had to be documented lol. 2) Being the amazing and romantic friend I am, I went to see my bestie Cady after she finished work. I brought gift lol. I got her favorite red velvet cupcakes, then we got a few other snacks and had little picnic in the middle of the town. As you do. 3) Been cooking a lot lately. Don´t know why but I wasn´t into it for last few months and now I want to try out so many stuff. 4) My make-up is actually organised now and you can see all the products I have. So I might actually try some new stuff. YAY.
 1) Deni has been filming a lot lately. I am really trying to make my videos super cool lately so I hope everything will work out just fine. 2) and 3) I have been contouring like a pro lately. Not much more to say here. Oh and I also learned how to tread eyebrows. It is so much fun! Need some volunteers to practice on now ahah. 4) Little tip and trick I have been doing. I would do two french braids of my hair at night- as tight as possible- and in the morning or just before I head out the door I´d undo them and have my dream hair texture. Simple and fun.
 1) I am obsessed with ice cream and general. One of my fav is McFlurry from Mc Donalds and the fact that Mc is right across the road from my place- DANGEROUS! 2) and 3) but HEY! I have been walking and exercising a lot lately so I deserve a little snack every now and then. 4) When I turned 18 -time when I could actually drink alcoholic beverages (legally lol)
 1) I have been outdoors a lot lately too. My friends are actually making fun of me for being out and about and walking round. I mean come on, your body need "fresh" air and movement ahaha. 2) My walks often end up in galleries. I visited Walker´s gallery in Liverpool the other day and felt in love with a few pieces. Like really deeply in love. 3) Had too many snacks . I know. By the way I finished that pack of Jelly Beans in two days. :( 4) Been drawing and doodling a lot!
1) and 4) I just love Liverpool. If anyone asks me if I like living here, I am like - hell yeah! Big city life but you can never get lost or feel too panic-y or it isn´t ever overcrowded like London. 3) Unless it is some kind of festival or parade. For example Brazilica festival and parade was packed! But fun! 4) As I have mentioned I am basically perfect and best friend you can ask for. Ahaha. Kidding. But there is a big perk of being my friend, you get free food and get to eat it sat on the grass in the middle of city center- with me -whilst super talented musicians play your fave songs. Cool, right?!

That is it for today. Let me know what your Instagram is and what have you been up to so far?!
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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