Girl with Chameleon Hair

Those who are my readers for longer or watch my videos, or maybe are my insta followers, know that I do change my hair quit a lot. It is never a huge change at once but when you look at all the colors I had it seems crazy. Some of my friends can´t believe I still have hair growing out of my head ahaha.
And after the last hair change I decided to document all of my hairstyles since I really starting playing around until now, so in case one day I have to buy a wig cause of lack of my natural hair, I´ll know why ahahha (cross fingers so it doesn´t happen)

I know it is a long video but its simply impossible to put all those years into 5 minutes. In case you don´t feel like I did anything crazy with my hair yet, maybe a look at photos on their own would be more thoughts changing. Definitely was for me.
Have you ever tried to step outside your comfort zone as far as your hairstyle goes? What is the craziest thing you did? What else should I try?
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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