Mix them Simple Metals

I have been obsessed with mixed metals lately. Pairing gold and silver or adding rose gold to classic gold. Why not? Fashion is a game so play it full on , right? And so I thought I will get myself some simple and casual necklaces or even bracelets- that I usually don´t wear- and try to actually wear them and mix and match them.

And I started by purchasing these super un-expensive necklaces from PRIMARK. They are the exact same style but one is silver and one gold- as you can see on photo. I thought that going for the same shape would be a nice start right? ahah.
 They ended up being more out there then I thought but I like it even more this way ahha. I am sooo trying not to run into stores right now. I think I would buy like ten more if I did. ANd my bank account would definitely not be happy about that.
What do you think about this trend? Are you into mix and matching? Do you prefer simple or bold necklaces?
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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