Men Candy

It is always nice to see a man who takes care of his look, isn´t it?! And for a girl like me there is certain level of attraction to a guy who cares bout his kicks or who knows any other brand then nike and adidas (which is what most of the guys I grew up with talked bout). I know there is more girls who would like to please their eyes so I thought I´ll share some of my fav looks for guys.
And I also know that there are some boys reading my blog -thanks mate- and for those, Man! Please get Inspired! It is so easy to look cool, classy and trendy. Oh and thank me later ;)

Which one of these studs is your fav? What style do you like the most of your man /or yourself?
Until next time, keep safe, be stylish and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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