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YO! How are you ladies and gents? I decided to start this little new thing called- Insta of Da Week -where I´ll be sharing my fav instagramer of that week. Basically my main source of inspiration. Since I am like insta obsessed.

This week I have been more then obsessed with ValentineHello. Instagram account of my one of my favorite bloggers of all time HelloItsValentine. You could have read a lot about her over here on my blog since I mention her on like monthly bases. She has always been one of my biggest inspirations.

The reason I find her instagram so amazing is that her style in general is super cool. At least I think so. And she does blog super often but every now and then I like to see little extra when it comes to her looks, style, daily outfits or adventures.
 She also travels looooads which is something I am jealous about. Obviously Valentine shares photos from her travels and the food pics. Oh my! I love me some #foodporn photos ahahaha.
This is just a tiny little bit from her feed. Trust me, you need to go and check her instagram. In case you are one of those insta stalkers as me lol.

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
p.s. let me know if you like this kind of posts and if you want more.
DeniVev :*

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