Wish I wore or WIW is a segment I  "created" i while back. The point is simple. I use polyvore.com to create this beautiful outfits I want to wear with clothes I hope to own. Makes perfect sense doesn´t it?!
Then I just pop them on here with few details and you can get inspired or find pieces you might also like.
So here we go.

First up I have here this sporty chic outfit. Now combining trainers with everything is sort of an old trend. But I loved it since I was little so I sure am not planning on giving it up any time soon ahaha.  I also have been loving wearing crop tops with high wasted bottoms so here is that.
Shirt is from POPMAP.com , NET-A-PORTER coat, ADIDAS trainers, PHILIP LIM SOLEIL bag that I am obsessed with, skirt is really cheap from SHEIN.com, YOINS necklace sure looks more expensive then it actually is, and them classy watch from SUPERETTE are on my wishlist.

Yes! This is one of those outfits I am obsessed with and I´d never been able to wear before. I didn´t have courage to mix pieces like this up. I don´t know what changed now but I am sooo into this. Even though it is basically a tone on tone the fact you have everything made of different material and mix of brands... looovely.
First I´d start with shoes cause I own really similar pair, these are from WITHCHIC, TOPSHOP jeans are them mom-jean style, shirt from NORDSTROM but honestly you can get it even in primark or h&m, HERMOSA necklace that is stunning, LN-CC watch, BRYLOVE.com sunnies I nees and most expensive is bag by MICHAEL KORS.

And as last we have more of a feminine outfit I would actually wear either for date or like girls night out or something. I don´t know why but that is what I think of when I see it. Ahahaha. Oh and yes this is probably as much of a color as you can get from me lately. Ooops.
Knitted dress by Claudia Oatmeal look so good and they really compliment a women body. In case you don´t feel like spending that much money on it again primark has the same dress fro tenner. Jacket from ONLY.com is my dream, TOPSHOP shoes are super trendy, added bag from SHOPAKIRA and necklace from BEBE.com. Oh ad to keep you extra warm faux fur scarf from LUELLA.

Which one of these looks is your favorite?! Would you pull of mom jeans or are you more of a dress and skirt kinda gal?! Let me know in the comments bellow :*
DeniVev :*

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