Sprakle (Spice) Up your Life

The night (morning) you find out if you were Naughty or Nice! It all comes to this. And you better look better then ever ahaha.
Or maybe you are one of those who chill in PJs. Are you? Let me know. I always wanted to know what it is like to be opening presents in the morning on 25th in PJs with a hot cocoa in hands. We do it exactly the opposite way. On 24th we have a dinner and open presents right after. We also dress up pretty nicely. And me being me, I try to look pretty glam. I mean look for yourself.

For three years in a row I had a tradition of wearing the same silver H&M skirt with black tights and black simple shirt. This time I decided to do something a little different. I obviously wanted to keep it glam, comfy but festive. So I wore my Primark sparkly dress and black tights. 
Kept it pretty simple I think. 

After I opened my presents that surprised me big time I added this amazing hat from By Sju! Absolutely obsessed with it already.
I wanted to wear simple make-up so I did my everyday routine. And as far as my hair go, I haven´t done anything special with it since I got my bob done. This was first time I did something special. I put pin curls in and then brushed them out into a glamorous golden age style.

Do you have any traditions you like to keep?! Maybe any colors or do you coordinate with your family? We actually try to look good together for photos ahah.
Until next time, be merry, love your close ones, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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