Turning black

My whole closet is turning from classic black and white with bits of grey and blue into plain black. I do have a good reason tho! I need a lot of black clothes for college and any other job I do really. Then in case I go help out backstage at theaters or anything I should wear black. Etc. Get it? I actually found a good excuse for me to buy more and more slimming clothes ahaha.

Don´t even dare pretending like you aren´t going through this kind of moments. You simply are being drawn towards certain colors or shades of color. Or style, cut, brands of clothes. So happens this is my  obsession now.
Plus come on! Look at how great my hair color looks when I wear black.

I have no idea what was the point of this post really. I could say it was a OOTD since this literally is what I wore the other day for a little drink with my friend. But I promise I´ll write few more posts in next few days.
Outfit details: Skirt H&M, everything else Primark - classic me ahah

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest
DeniVev :*

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