Love Yourself

There is so much on my mind and at the same time I am not sure I have something to write about. That is a problem I was trying to over come as a blogger for a while now. This might explain why I didn´t blog too much. If I found a time to do so I couldn´t find words to explain everything that is running through my mind.

Maybe I should break it down then.

Stress. I felt so stressed lately. I think that is the only feeling I mentioned for few weeks now. Unfortunately I am one of those people who unintentionally put so much pressure on themselves and they freak out without anyone's help. I always knew that I work that way. And I did learn how to get through it. I still have no idea how I could overcome this sort of situation but I do have a tip for others. For those who are similarly self-stressing, please share this with someone you can trust. Tell someone who is close to you or someone who can help. Even though it isn´t the first world problem, it can sometimes feel like it for you. So do make it as easy for others to understand what you are going through. Having someone as a friend, family member, partner or even tutor who can bring you back to reality and back to your senses is real nice.

Excitement. It is about a week now till I fly home for holidays. I can not wait to be finally all packed. To be boarding the plain. To spend almost two weeks with my family and friends whom I spent 18 years of my life with. All those girls night, ball, festive parties, board games with my parents and sister... It all give me this wave of excitement. 
Butterflies. Have you ever felt them? Did you feel so good bout someone you´d feel these mysterious butterflies in your tummy? I did. I few times actually. To me this feeling isn´t only associated to fancying someone who´d you like to date or share intimate moments with. It is about having this warm and happy feeling inside whilst you hang out with someone or you chat to a certain person. It is not being bored of someone and wanting to keep the conversation going. Was I feeling this lately? Yes! Do I think it will last? I´ll let you know once I decide. 

Disgust. Yes! I do feel awful bout plenty things at once. I am not even going to mention all those politicians and their "helpers" who keep pretending they are trying to help all of us when in reality all they are trying to help is their bank account. Here I said it. I am also angry, sad and surprised with how people can pretend to be something they really aren´t. How fake or self centered one human can be. To give you a little inside on this, I have few people in my life who just surprise me everyday. They think I am so interested in knowing how crap their life is. Or how great they are. I mean it is one thing being happy or proud of what you achieved, but men! Live your own life and let others live!

I think that about sums up the main thoughts and feelings I had lately. I didn´t want to make it too personal and concrete. I still am sure there are a lot of you who can relate to this state of life. All I can say now is, if you are having loads on your mind, if you think you are carrying a lot on your shoulders, stop for a minute. Force yourself to calm down for a bit, if you have to. Treat yourself to something. Spend at least an hour doing what you enjoy. Don´t think bout anything else. Or take a power nap if necessary.
Be good to yourself. After all you are the only real guarantee and stability in your life. 

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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