Treat Her Right

Christmas is round the corner. Yeah shocker right?! Ahaha. No, but with all the seriousness it is pretty close now and what is better then giving a gift to someone you love. Or care about, appreciate, are thankful to. This time I thought I´d give you a little idea on what you can give HER. Either its mum, sister, friend, daughter, partner, etc. 
Most of women would sure appreciate these.

I am surprised every year with how hard some people find it to give a gift to someone. Especially if it is your close one. I personally like to give something personal and sentimental. Or I´ll go to the other side of the scale and give something practical. Then you obviously have to think about the person you are gifting. Women these days share so many things online that I find it impossible not to know at least a bit of their favorites.

For those classy ladies there is always a nice make-up. Lipstick perhaps. Even one more expensive lipstick in their favorite color will be more appreciated then a pair of socks. Unless they are into those. Who knows right?! Also if she ever mentioned her favorite lipstick or at least brand, you should be safe with that. Stock her up. She´ll thank you ahaha.

In case "She" is into jewelry and you feel confident enough in knowing her taste go for it. Necklace or bracelet is always a good investment, especially if it is classy and timeless piece. But make sure you know what she likes in this area. Jewelry can get pretty pricey so you want to be careful.

For a fashionista you will be real safe with cute clutch. Get it in her favorite color or glitter perhaps. Of course if "she" is into that. I would even personalize it by putting her diagrams on it or a quote that reminds her of your relationship.  

For those like me, writers and doodling lovers, you are in luck with notebook or journal. Something pretty or again personalized. There is endless amount of companies that engrave leather notebooks with anything you want. Go and be creative. You can even leave a little message inside.

If "she" is one of many cell phone crazy users that have all the latest apps and games, dress up their phone. A cute phone case that says something bout them is great idea. Or you can DIY it yourself. Maybe you can create a collage of your photos together so they think of you every time they see the phone.

As last this would be perfect gift for either any fashionista in your life or any lover of being cosy and warm Which is almost every woman and girl. Blanket scarfs are in and expensive. She´ll be wrapped in it whole winter and will be super grateful for your idea.

Is there any brilliant gift idea you thought of?! Or do you have any DIY project that you think are worth the time? Let us know in the comments bellow.

Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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