I wish I wore: Fave pieces of June

Hello lovely faces! So lately I found way too many pieces my heart is craving. And instead of spending that much money I decided to "pretend" I own them and style them into outfits. This way I can show you what I like at the moment AND how I would style those stuff. Good idea, right?

These AXParis dress are so my currant style. And for some reason I have been adding gold to everything lately.

Steve Maden pumps - love them, need them. Add some simple bodycone pieces. Eye catching clutch and boom.
I knew Wicker Wings for a while now and I am still shocked bout their success and also real happy for them. I thought a simple outfit like this would compliment the bag and let it stand out a bit.
 AmorStylez has a great selection of hot, feminine and still sophisticated pieces. I don´t know which one I would buy first. But since I was obsessed with jumpsuits lately I thought this would be best option to share. Then you can never go wrong with this combination.
 Hot, Ancient, Sophisticated. I would feel like a hot Super woman wearing this combo. I am obsessed with every single piece.
Light grey and this brown are amaaaazing combination. I can sooo see myself wearing this outfit. I am especially in love with those gucci sandals.

What have you been eyeing out lately? Any obsessions?
Until next time, keep safe and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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