Going back in My Mind

Sometimes I have days - I bet everyone does- when I need to stop, take a step back and kinda reset my mind. You know that my last half a year was absolute challenge for me. Loads of changes and new experiences. I had to learn so much about life, adulthood and myself. It all might sound lame but to me all of this meant a big learning lesson.

 And whenever I thought I made my mind about what I want to be or do, something came up and everything has changed again. I learned that moments like that are just making you a stronger person. In life we all meet with number of difficult situations and we might not be always sure how to deal with them or they will make us sad or angry. That is just a time  when you need to calm down. Cause life brings you situations you can´t control or change. And I think that we all need to learn this one thing.
 I am one of those who like to have everything planned and organized. Always know what is about to happen and have a control in my hands. I have always been that way. And now I had to learn that it ain´t always going to work like that. I need to except the fact that I am not able to control my whole life or world. And especially people! That is another thing. Meeting new people everyday- Having new colleagues weekly and being in a company with almost 30 workers on daily bases makes it really hard to get along with everyone. You get to meet a lot of different personalities and you need to learn how to communicate with them.
That is just a little bit of what I have learned in last couple of months about life and I might have just bored you to death, but I wanted to type this down for others to see. I know a lot of people who are now in the stage of life when they don´t know what they want or what they need to do with themselves. SO what I would recommend is to take a step back. If you need few days off just for yourself. DO SO! Try to be selfish for a little while and only think about yourself. Go for a walk, do some working out, do something you really enjoy...
At the end you will realize that you kinda emptied your head. You did not think about past or future. You were just you. That is when I want you to sit down and think of what you always wanted to do. And don´t be afraid to do so anymore. Just go and do so.
 If any of this made sense to you, let me know. In case I helped you in a way, am happy to do so.
 Do you ever get that feeling like you don´t know what to do? Or are you tha type that likes to have everything planned out and never ever leaves that path?! I have been trying to just let go lately and do however I felt. I realized I have more fun that way, I enjoy life more and I learn plenty.

Well, Until next time, keep safe guys and live your life to the fullest.
DeniVev :*

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